Expedition Everglades

We motored over to the Everglades at midday today in Ron’s boat. I must admit that I was expecting them to be totally different to The Keys, but the area we went to was very similar. Luckily it was a nice calm day, so it wasn’t too bouncy on the boat and only took us an hour. When we got there the sea was covered with little mangrove-covered islands, all now protected and made into bird sanctuaries. I guess that’s one main difference from The Keys, where nearly everything seems to have been built on…

The fishing is supposed to be very different from what we are used to, with red fish and snook hanging out in the mangroves. Ron had already said he wouldn’t expect us to catch snapper…. So what did we catch all day? Snapper! Anyway, after taking the mickey out of Ron (our expect fishing guide), we did manage to catch enough fish for dinner, and mangrove snapper is really tasty.

The fishing was slow, but the bird life was extra special. Sorry don’t hold your breath for the pictures as there aren’t any. We saw loads of hawks … but do you think I could film them? They are so fast (my excuse) and you try using a video camera and fishing at the same time – something has to suffer! Also I’ve got no idea what they were. We must have seen at least five different types of hawk.

End of a Fishing Day

End of a long fishing day

By the time we got home we were too tired to eat, and were in bed by 10pm. The snapper can wait until tomorrow.

Luckily they have a “hawk watch” on one of the other Keys this weekend… I think I’d better go and brush-up on my hawk identification.


~ by Jane on October 11, 2007.

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