Sunsets & White Ibis

Today Andrew went out fishing with Ron and I stayed at the shack. The wind is still blowing hard and I didn’t fancy being knocked around by the waves. It’s still sunny, but rain is forecast for tomorrow, so the boys thought they had better make the most of the good weather.

White Ibis in the garden

That left me doing what I like best…. watching. Next to the shack is a small promontory that lots of birds use as a hunting ground. Today the White Ibis were using it. They are such amazing looking birds. With their enormous beaks and feet they look like they should trip over themselves, but in fact they are incredibly poised and graceful. They like to hunt in the grass and seaweed for insects and lizards, and don’t seem at all worried by my presence.

There was a really gorgeous sunset tonight and I managed to silhouette a seagull against the setting sun…. very arty… maybe Mum can use it for one of her paintings?? What do you think Mum?

Sunset Gull


~ by Jane on October 12, 2007.

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