Didn’t we leave the rain in England?

I guess that in a place famous for it’s hurricanes I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s raining. Not just a shower or drizzle, this is proper RAIN. Downpour after downpour, the clouds just seem to be going round and round dumping more and more water on us.

With the rain comes the wind, gusting up to 35mph yesterday. A warm wind, but wind all the same. Every now and again it disappears completely, the fluttering flag on the pier next door falls motionless against it’s pole, you think it’s gone, then it’s back even stronger than before howling round the windows.

I feel sorry for the wildlife.

One of the garden “Anole” lizards appeared next to my coffee cup on the bookshelf today, no doubt looking for a dry place to hunt insects (hopefully he will eat some of the ants that seem to have invaded the kitchen!).

Pelican by the house

One of the brown pelicans on a dry day!

Yesterday afternoon I watched two brown pelicans and a belted kingfisher trying to catch food in the choppy sea beside the house (in between downpours). The kingfisher looked like he was doing better than the pelicans who seemed to be diving blind – I’m sure they couldn’t see anything in the water… I know I couldn’t!

Andrew, bless him, tried to fish off the pier last night. I’m not sure how he even managed to get his line in the water. I kept expecting him to come flying past the window (with fishing rod in hand) as another gust hit him and the pier. He gave up in the end (he’d had about as much luck as the pelicans) and came to watch a bad American movie instead!


~ by Jane on October 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Didn’t we leave the rain in England?”

  1. Sounds that each day is amazing – so pleased that you are having a great holiday – keep on with the diary, really interesting.

  2. Thanks Sue. I hope to update the diary again today. Glad you are finding it interesting. I have just had to go out and buy a new video camera…. more about that later…

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