Set the Alarm Clock!

Cormorant Drying Wings

It doesn’t seem possible that we only have one more week here. The time has gone so quickly, and there is still so much I haven’t shown in my diary. Kingfishers, Eagles, Manatees, Dolphins…. I must get up earlier…..

Pretty Girl

Thursday we went fishing (again!) on the Ocean with Ron. Friday we slumped around and I watched the wildlife. Pretty Girl is one of our ridiculously “un-wild” visitors! She is a very beautiful Great Egret, who a few years ago managed to break her leg (you can see where the leg on the left still shows the signs of the mend).

With a lot of love and attention from Susie, a bird lover who lives on the Key, she made a full recovery but still thinks she should be allowed into the house. If you leave the door open too long then in she comes looking for food…

Pretty Girl

In the evening we sat on the pier and watched the fish doing their nightly ballet below the lights, and soaked up the, dare I say it, romantic atmosphere. Saturday, well Saturday we managed to get soaked…

A friend, Colin, came down from Miami (he owns a house on the Key), and we went out fishing for Yellowtails (very yummy fish!) on the Ocean with Dan, (who lives opposite and takes out fishing charters). Although the wind wasn’t blowing, the rain clouds had been circling us all the previous night, and as soon as we started fishing they decided to let rip.

Fishing in the Rain

I have to laugh when I look at the bedraggled photo of us, as we could be on a fishing trip in Poole Harbour – not the tropical Keys. The only difference being here we are still warm, just very wet…

In the afternoon we followed the Rugby World Cup score (English v South Africa) on the Internet… oh well we never really expected to be in the final anyway! Today Andrew is watching the Brazilian Grand Prix on the TV at Colin’s house. It sounds like Hamilton has thrown away the title… another English sporting disaster. Funny, being here you get so laid back that you really don’t care about the result… now where’s my book and cold drink gone?

The Front Porch


~ by Jane on October 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Set the Alarm Clock!”

  1. enjoy it all. your chair on the veranda looks just perfect – I want to be there. love pretty girl.

  2. I’m sure you would love it here Paula. Pretty Girl is a real character. I have put a water bowl out for her, and she now flies in for a drink throughout the day. The way she looks at you with her beady eyes… head on side when you speak to her… very spooky… I’m almost starting to believe that she understands me!

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