Osprey Encounter

I’m always on the lookout for interesting wildlife news articles, so when I noticed one about ospreys in Dorset it obviously caught my attention.


Now ospreys aren’t common in Dorset, in fact they are “very” uncommon. The youngster in the article was on route from Forres, on the Moray Firth to the coast of Guinea-Bissau, in eastern Africa (yes, I had to look it up to see where it was!) and had stopped off at Weymouth in Dorset overnight. In total this bird would fly more than 3500 miles.

Because we go to the Florida Keys every year, I’ve been lucky enough to see ospreys many times. It’s not unusual to see them perched on the bridges, and gliding over the water looking for food. You are sure to see them every day and in the spring a pair has even made a nest in the street light situated in the local supermarket car park. The locals don’t take much notice of them, which seems strange to us Brits who think of them as rare and beautiful.

Ospreys on their nest

By the way, the above shots were not taken by me, but came from Wikipedia. However, the video near the end of this entry was taken by me.

The last time we were in the Keys Andrew and I had a strange encounter with an osprey while we were out fishing. We had taken a boat to some mangroves about three miles from our house. As soon as we put down the anchor an osprey arrived overhead.

We thought she would just fly over but instead she circled us for more than twenty minutes, mewing. She stayed about 30 feet above us. You could literally count the feathers on her wings, and see every movement of her body as she soared on the air currents.

This is the video that I took. Make sure you have the sound turned on, so that you can hear her mewing!

She stared at us, we stared back at her. It was mesmerising. A very special moment. One I will never forget.

Eventually she disappeared off to join her mate who was flying nearby. We have no idea why she came to check us out. It has never happened before and will probably never happen again.

I like to think she came to give her blessing to our marriage which was happening the following day. Andrew thinks she was looking for fish (men, they are so romantic!) I will leave you to make up your own mind.


~ by Jane on November 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Osprey Encounter”

  1. What a beautiful new site! When did you have time to do all this?

    Wow, jane, she’s, the osprey, stunning – and I’m as positive as you that she was a blessing…

  2. Thanks Paula. Yes, it had to be a blessing…

    Re the new style, I happened to be looking at some other sites and noticed how good photo’s looked on a black background. With WordPress you can choose from loads of different backgrounds/styles (just go into “presentation” in the dashboard) – so it was only as hard as pressing one button. Not sure about it yet, but will give it a few days and see what other comments I get.

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