Cactus in the woods

I’ve never thought much about cactus. To me they have always just been something that grows in very, very hot climates surrounded by sand and the odd bit of grass. Not so!

Cactus in the Woods

As I walked through the hammock today on Long Key (in Florida they call them a “hammock” instead of woods). I came across loads of tiny cactus (or should that be cacti?) growing under the trees.

I’d never realised they would grow in this type of habitat and they looked quite strange poking their heads up from within leaves, twigs and rich woody humus overshadowed by tropical hardwood trees. Obviously this cactus is a type which likes the dark protection of the hammock, but all the same it still turned my understanding of cactus habitat on it’s head. Not many gringos and cowboys here!

I could go on about the beautiful bright red cardinal finch I saw again today, but as I can’t show you the video at the moment I won’t go on and on and on….

Instead I’ll leave you with another beach picture. This is where the mangroves meet the sea, and you get the most wonderful arial roots diving into the sand from the mangrove bushes. It’s a haven for small crabs, spiders and birds but they are incredibly difficult to see within the darkness of the twisted roots!

Mangroves by the Beach


~ by Jane on January 31, 2008.

9 Responses to “Cactus in the woods”

  1. Well I never, that is a surprise! Are there any big ones? I wonder if they flower…

  2. Hi. There are some big ones. Long dangley ones – all over the place. This little chat just looked so lonely I had to snap him. They do look strange in a wood though! No flowers I could see, but probably wrong time of year…

  3. Sorry, that just “does not compute!” Cacti do not grow in woods – your camera must have imagined it!

    That sea view with mangroves is idyllic.

  4. Dragonstar. It’s true … really! I’m not making it up. I’ve even taken some more shots to prove it. It’s like someone has bought tiny cactus in the garden centre and sneaked out into the woods and planted them! Jane

  5. You know if you didn’t know you were in the tropics you could imagine that in the wood at home – a kind of surreal dali-esque thing!

  6. Paula. I know. This place continues to surprise me every day.

    • Gorgeous shots! When it comes to snow, I agree, you might as well make them b/w or duotone cause they look like that for the most part angk.yawalwinyon travels recently posted..

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