Garden lizards: we’re beautiful too!

Everyday, when you walk up our garden path, lizards scatter in every direction. Today I had some time to spare so I thought I’d try to record all the different species. Close-up they really are the most beautiful little creatures with an enormous amount of attitude!


I wish this picture was pin sharp in focus, cos I love the way he’s looking over the top of the tree stump. This is one of the larger lizards. There aren’t that many “native” lizards in Florida but there are an awful lot of “introduced” or “escapees”. So I’m afraid I’m not going to try and identify all of these.


I hadn’t seen this lizard before. His head looks like he’s been sticking it down a red hole, and the markings on his back are stunning. All that in a lizard that is no more than 5 inches long from head to the tip of tail.


This one was caught in the lizards favourite spot; on top of the metal fence. They love the heat that comes from the metal and can often be found lazing on the top of the fence posts.


OK, this isn’t another species, cos it’s actually our friend who was looking over the top of the tree stump, but I just liked this picture.


Another bit of metal, another lizard. They keep their beady eyes on you all the time but are quite happy to let you take their photo before scurrying away.


This one I’ve photographed before. He has a red flag that he pushes out in front of him under his chin. I couldn’t persuade him to do it yesterday.


Another red-headed lizard. No idea what this is but he’s really cute. Very tiny and enormous feet!


Although his face isn’t in focus the main pattern down his back is, which is what I wanted to show you. I’m sure a lot of the lizards are actually the same species but with slightly different markings and colourings.


This one spends all day in a rusty bit of metal on the beach waiting for flys to come along. Normally he is perfectly camoflaged but today I actually got him to move a bit.


So you see we actually have lizards “on tap” (ughhh – sorry about that!).


~ by Jane on November 8, 2008.

9 Responses to “Garden lizards: we’re beautiful too!”

  1. Cute! I like lizards a lot – love their feet.

  2. I’m going to miss seeing all the lizards in Antigua this year.. sigh.. oh well, maybe we’ll find some in Cornwall, or not! 😉

  3. Thanks Dragonstar. They are SO CUTE, I love their feet too! Jane

  4. Lots of lizards in Cornwall, bit late in the year for them. See Dougs blog for Devon lizards (only next door!) Have a great time… get Teagan a pet passport and put her on the next flight to Antiqua! Jane

  5. Lovelt pictures Jane. I think they are all Anolis sagrei, or Brown anole. The males display to each others and the females with head bobbing while extending their colourful dewlaps (the extensible flap of skin under their chins). Dewlap colour varies with species, so it is helpful to see the colour in your photo. Brown anole females have the beautiful scalloped pale band on their backs. I am not sure about the orange marks on their heads, though. The one with huge feet is a juvenile anole.

  6. Thanks Africa. Really useful information. I thought they were probably all the same species but just at different stages and different sexes. I will have to see if I can catch them displaying. The red headed ones are funny though… not sure what that’s about. Thanks again. Jane

  7. Lovely little things. I wonder these were the species running around disneyland, some of which unfortunately were being collected up by some ameri-brats and stuffed into big coke bottles, which is bad enough, but it was well over 30C. 😦

    Still good to see some happily alive ones!

  8. Neil. I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s really awful. No bottles in my garden… and no chasing (well only a bit with my camera, but they don’t seem to mind that). Jane

  9. how big do this lizard grow?

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