Twits don’t mix well with pink cotton!

For the last couple of days we’ve been lazing around the house, reading, eating, fishing and trying to save a little “twit”.

House on the Water

Our house literally “in” the water

I was woken at about 6am by “Pretty Girl” the island Egret. She was rescued 10 years ago by Susie one of the residents when she had a broken leg. She lives in the “wild” and catches her own food, but there’s still a bit of her that thinks she’s a human!

Pretty Girl

Pretty-Girl trying to wake me up!

This morning she was staring in through our bedroom window trying to persuade me that it would be a good idea to get up and take notice of her. She wanders in and out of the houses on the island. Many times I’ve turned round in the kitchen and come almost eye to eye with her pointy beak.

Parrot Fish

The 70’s style Parrotfish

Other constant visitors on the island are the Parrotfish. They are the most comical looking fish I’ve ever seen and live under the house. During the day you will see them going out on “patrol” of the shallow water around the house looking for titbits. We often give them some tasty morsels to munch on. They look like they are wearing bad 70’s make-up.  With their blue eyeshadow, pink cheeks and blue lipstick they really should think about getting a make-over!


A pair of “twits”

Our other main visitors are the “twits”. Named for their constant “twittering” and “chattering” these little Ruddy Turnstones come running up when you walk out onto the dock at the back of the house. There’s usually a little flock of them and a couple of days ago we noticed one had both legs caught in some pink twine and couldn’t walk. It was going to die if we didn’t do something.

Deadly Pink Cotton

The offending “pink” string

Unfortunately it had probably got itself twisted up in the twine on the shoreline where all the flotsam collects. It’s amazing to think that something as everyday as a bit of pink cotton can turn into a death sentence for a bird.


Pink Pelican at sunrise – as I drink my tea

For the last 2 days we have been trying to encourage him nearer to the house so that we could catch him but he was still very fast and easily flew away from us before we could pounce.


Cormorant in a hurry

Today Andrew came running out to where I was sitting. “Come now, I’ve got the twit in the bedroom”. In the bedroom? Apparently he’d managed to chase him into the house and he’d flown into the bedroom. Amazingly I managed to catch him very easily, it was almost as if he knew I was trying to help.


A flock of Pelicans wander across the sky above the house

We managed to cut away some of the pink twine (it was just like cotton) but the rest was tightly wound around it’s legs and feet. No pictures I’m afraid… I was a bit busy at the time!


One of the Cormorants watching the proceedings

Andrew went running to Jackie our neightbour to ask if she had a box we could put it in to take it to the bird sanctuary, she suggested we took it to Susie (who had rescued Pretty Girl).

Brown Anole

A Brown Anole looks on – he’s doesn’t seem impressed

Quick dash round to Susie’s house. Luckily she was in, so we left the little bird with her. He’s in good hands now and will hopefully be released soon. I will update you when I hear anything.


Sunset and a beer… end of a perfect day

We hadn’t realised how much this injured little bird had been playing on our minds. Andrew had woken up thinking about ways of catching him and I’d spent all morning trying to entice him with bread and crackers. I’m just so glad we managed to get him today.


~ by Jane on November 14, 2008.

6 Responses to “Twits don’t mix well with pink cotton!”

  1. Beautiful pictures! Your house looks lovely – I could really cope with some of that right now! Well done for catching the poor little twit!!!

  2. It was a struggle to catch him but glad we did it was worth it. Jane

  3. What a busy pair you are!!

  4. Well, it’s not as if we are on holiday! work, work, work 😉

  5. Hi again Jane 🙂

    Great to read stories from your travels. What and interesting time you are having. No dull moments I can see. Great you caught ‘Pretty Girl’ in time 😀

    Great photos – looks life a wonderful place to see wildlife. Have fun 😀

  6. Hi Shirl. Glad you enjoyed it! It is great for wildlife. Just out fishing today (our last day) so looking forward to seeing some more! Jane

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