Hoppity twit returns!

Good news! The little “twit” (otherwise known as a Ruddy Turnstone) that we rescued the other day has been totally “untied” and “unknoted” by Susie from the pink string that was twined around his legs and feet, and is now back on our pier, as you can see below.


I think Susie released him on the other side of the island and he flew straight back round to us and came running (well hobbling) up the pier looking for food and water and practically straight in the back door. I’m convinced he came to say “thanks”.

Yesterday he was still standing on just one leg when he was resting but was happily using both legs when looking for food and water.


He was getting a few funny looks from his mates but the main thing is that he’s now able to eat and drink without completely falling over on his face, and can walk.

His left hand leg/foot must still be pretty sore (which is why he’s keeping the weight off it) but I’m sure that within a few days he should be back to normal.


By the end of yesterday I even managed to catch a shot of him standing on both feet!

A happy ending…


~ by Jane on November 16, 2008.

8 Responses to “Hoppity twit returns!”

  1. I do like stories with happy endings. And on a note of envy – it looks so sunny and light and cheerful and bright!

  2. Blimey!
    Why haven’t I come across this florida blog before?!
    Are you COLLECTING blogs Jane (tee hee)!
    Super stuff again, of course…

  3. Lovely! How nice of him to come back to you.

  4. Paula. It is all those things…sorry! Ditto with the happy endings. Jane

  5. Hi Doug. Yep, collecting blogs. I’ve only got two though. Just thought I should separate them, and it’s easy enough to do in WordPress. Just noticed that WordPress have a special link to Flickr so that you can import pics easily to your blog (just thought I’d let you know). Jane

  6. Dragonstar. I know. He literally flew right back to the back door. Bless ‘im! Jane

  7. Things have been a bit busy this week so have only just seen your blogs on poor little “Hoppity Twit”. We have always given “pet” birds like that names – makes them seem so much a part of the family. It can get emotionaly draining dealing with such a problem but you must be so exhilarated at your success. Well done!Super pics once again.
    Am off outside to clear up sackfulls of oak leaves on the gravel drive. Salt at the ready for the cold snap we have been promised! Wish my shed was on stilts like your holiday home: some of that sunshine would be great too!

  8. Hello Hilly. Hoppity Twit is still visiting us. He is still finding it hard to use his right leg, but at least he is finding it easier to get around. Good luck with the clearing up… I expect my garden is going to be under a foot of leaves when I return! Jane

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