A sea monster or mermaid?

Can you guess what I saw today?  I so, so wish that I had a decent photo, but this is all I got. A dark blob in the water with a big mermaid tail.


It was a manatee. The strange warm water mammal that frequents these Florida waters. You can see it a lot better in the photo below (which I have borrowed from wikipedia). They are lovely creatures, very gentle vegetarians.

Unfortunately they get hurt by boat propellers in the Keys, and there are signs up everywhere to “look out for manatees” as they like to eat the vegetation from around the piers.

Manatee from Wikipedia

It didn’t stay around long, coming up for only a couple of breaths of air and then ambled along the seabed about 5ft down before disappearing into the depths.


~ by Jane on April 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “A sea monster or mermaid?”

  1. What a wonderful creature – looks so soft and gentle. An incredible experience for you! I bet you would have loved to have got that underwater shot.

  2. This Is A Mermaid

  3. If anyone wants a bit more info about manatees, drop in at http://rollingharbour.com/birds-etc/marine-life/west-indian-manatees-and-the-bahamas-the-facts/ RH

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